Monday, Sep 9, 2019 By admin

Watching Week!

It’s a week of mixed emotions at Dance3D this week.  It’s watching week!

Let me preface by explaining that we don’t have a ‘come and go as you please’ policy at our studio.  We love our dance parents and we love having them involved, we just know the difference between weeks when parents (and siblings, neighbours, grandparents, cousins and pets) come to watch and when it’s just students and teachers.

Just like at school, the less distractions, the better the environment for learning.  When it’s just students and teachers, students can more easily focus on teacher instructions, the noise only comes from the teacher or the students, there is more space in the studio, students are calm and ready to concentrate.  We appreciate having this purposeful time with our students.  We enjoy helping them develop their technical skills as well as all the other life skills they gain along the way. 

We also appreciate that parents want to proudly sit and watch their little dancer trying their hardest, improving, excelling.  So we are proud this week to open the doors and let the noise and chaos and joy and pride come bursting in with our dance families. 

It also must be noted that there will be plenty of dancers who do not dance or behave like they normally would this week.  Sometimes children become overwhelmed by all the noise and the change to their normal dance environment.  Sometimes children become over excited.  Often, they appear distracted when there is an audience in their studio space. Some will run to their parents between every exercise, some might become upset, some might not want to dance at all, some might be silly and ‘show off’.  All of this is normal and something that we try to work through.  We appreciate that because we don’t have watching week every week, the change can be quite a lot for some students.  We love that our dance parents understand this and help us to support their little ones and make sure they just continue to love to dance.  If you’re following us on the socials, you might even get to see some parent involvement photos this week!

Happy dancing (and watching)!

Monday, Sep 2, 2019 By admin

A New Skill…

Last week I taught a friend to snowboard.  Well, I helped her get from the top of the chairlift to the bottom of the mountain safely.  Which was a huge achievement.  For both of us. 

Spending time on the slopes gave me a little reminder about how we sometimes take things for granted.  It’s easy to forget the feeling we get when we try something new.  Fear, nerves, excitement, adrenalin, pride… it can be a rush of emotions.  And our young dancers face this regularly. 

It’s our job to ensure they are continually learning and extending themselves and, most importantly, doing so in a safe and supportive environment.  It’s important that we take time to build the necessary skills before we launch into the next step.  I didn’t take my friend on the terrain park on her first day on the snow.  Instead we took our time figuring out the basics on the green slope first.  And when she needed to rest, we did.  Of course we all want to accelerate the learning so we can do all the cool tricks straight away, but it’s really important for the longevity of our dancers that we take time to assess individual development before pushing forward. 

At Dance3D we use the ATOD syllabus to help guide the appropriate levels for each age group and ensure students are progressing at a rate suitable for the individual.  Safety and age appropriateness is very important to us.  We want our dancers to be able to enjoy their dancing for many many years and therefore we need to nurture their little bodies and ensure they achieve skills in line with what they are physically capable of performing.

It’s surprising what our dancers can learn so quickly when they are in the right environment that supports them, as individuals.

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