Our studio is located at Unit 2/127 Sugar Road, Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The studio is fitted with air conditioning, sprung floors, mirrors, a reception area and our own dance wear shop which provides all the students costume and dance wear needs.

The studio is both for the recreational and vocational dancer. Modern, up to date choreography and dedicated staff who undergo professional development regularly, ensure the dance establishment ranks amongst the very best.

Classes offered at Dance3D include; Commercial Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

Our Early Learning program is one of the finest – and classes are taught by the creator of the program, Andrea Dalton. The program is internationally recognized as one of the best!


We encourage a level of discipline in our genres and in the presentation of our students. A uniform is an important part of this discipline and helps students take pride in their appearance. The uniform also encourages the students to be part of the team and is designed to allow teachers to observe dance technique, muscle use, posture and body placement, effectively.
Students are required to have a full uniform for their particular genre. Full uniforms (including hair and footwear) are to be worn by the third week of the first term and to each class thereafter. Items include:

1. Turquoise Leotard
2.Black Shorts
3.Crop Top
4. Loose Hip Hop Pants
5. Loose Singlet
6. Lace Ballet Skirt
All-in-one leotard and dress (early dance education only)

General dance wear

Uniforms will be available for fitting during reception hours and may be purchased at this time also. Shoes can be purchased from any dancewear shop. We have second-hand options available also.

All concert costumes are made for the students with parents required to purchase the final products for the end of year concerts. No costumes are made by the parents. Students are sized off samples and then orders placed.
Once paid and distributed, the students own their costume. Costumes per dance group can range between $60-$100. We aim to keep costs to a minimum, wherever possible.
Individual Competition Costumes
For students who choose to compete in eisteddfods or other events where costumes are required, these can be sourced by staff members. The staff who manage the reception area, can assist with questions regarding enrolment, classes and dance wear, please ask for assistance.

Rights of Children

Children and Young People have the right at Dance3D to:

  • feel safe
  • be listened to at times
  • be involved in decisions that affect them
  • have their cultural values respected
  • have their best interests considered

Children and Young People at Dance3D should:

  • show respect for other children, young people and adults
  • keep themselves safe
  • report inappropriate behaviour, unsafe si

Dance3D supports the Child Protection Policy and have expectations of parents and carers to support this policy.

Safety Policy

  • Students are to be neatly groomed with hair suitably off the face. This is a safety requirement for the eyes
  • The studio has a sprung wooden floor to minimize risk of injury to the dance student.
  • No responsibility will be taken for students outside of their class times. Please ensure students are collected promptly after their class.
  • Students are to remain within the dance school building when waiting for parents to collect them.
  • No running or playing in the car park is allowed at any time.
  • During open days, please ensure that you supervise any other children who you have in your care. Adults and non-participating students must remain seated during open day classes. Movement between rooms is not allowed.
  • If a serious injury/ illness should occur, the parents will be contacted by phone initially and then if required the ambulance will be called.
  • A first aid trained staff member is always on site.
  • Always drive slowly and with great care around the car park area to avoid accidents involving other vehicles or children.
  • Students will warm up according to the level of difficulty and genre specific to each class.
  • Exercises and dance combinations will be given to enhance skill development in a safe manner according to safe dance practice.
  • Parents will be notified of any behavioural issues should they arise with the student.
  • Appropriate water breaks will be given in class time.
  • Students will be encouraged to engage in taking responsibility for their own progress, motivation, learning, creativity and actions within the dance school.

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